How Time Flies – When Life Gets Hectic!!

Can you believe that I started this blog months ago and never got back to post ANYTHING!!  We have had such an amazing year. My youngest son Brett married Courtney – the love of his life – in March,


I had a surprise party for my 60th birthday in April, my in-laws had their 60th wedding anniversary in August, in October my eldest son and daughter-in-law celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary and my father-in-law turned 90 years old, and throughout all the year I have managed to bake up a storm….

Anniversary Cake for Lola & Ted's 60th Wedding Anniversary
Anniversary Cake for Lola & Ted’s 60th Wedding Anniversary

I helped with party plans for the anniversary party which was a grand affair, as well as the celebration of dad’s 90th birthday.  For the first time in my life I attempted to decorate cakes for both events, and I was quietly please with the outcomes considering I hadn’t done anything like them before.  The Anniversary Cake was a triple layer, two tier Chocolate Mud Cake and my daughter-in-law Alisha helped me make all butterflies in different shades of lemon/yellow.

Top Tier of Ted Preston's 90th Birthday Cake
Top Tier of Ted Preston’s 90th Birthday Cake

The Anniversary cake was my trusted, old-fashioned Christmas Fruit Cake Recipe on the bottom layer, with a “false” cake as the top layer which I decorated in the style of a present with a fondant “bow” and twirls.

I was absolutely thrilled with the outcome of my order for 300 macarons of different flavours for a friends church gathering – also in October.  I made Lemon Cheesecake, Choc Orange, Vanilla Bean, Choc Peppermint, Rosewater, and Coffee flavours and apparently they went over very well.  I must give a shout of thanks out to my sister Kellie Purdy who stood at the kitchen bench with me “for hours” as we filled the macarons the night before delivery.

My Macaron Order
My Macaron Order

I plan to post my recipes in the next couple of days, so keep an eye out for that.  And just a word for those that think Macarons are beyond their culinary capabilities – It’s not that hard.  Give them a go as they are just so yumcious!  I did have some of them not turn out, but the majority of them were just fine.

Cheers  – and remember folks – life begins at 60!!



Life starts at 60

Well, as I approach my 60th birthday I find life is calm (when it’s not chaotic), happy (when I’m not angry or sad) and very blessed (that point is completely true!).

Whilst I have kept many journals over the years, I have never kept an on line journal – so here we go!  Yep – the life of a 60 year old wife, mother and grandmother is jammed full of interesting things to write about.

You know of course turning 60 doesn’t feel any different to me than when I turned 50 – or even 40 – although there may be some  things that aren’t quite as easy to manage, for instance – riding a push bike or gardening for hours at a time.  My muscles do seem to complain about that sort of thing these days!

The truth of the matter is though – I don’t feel any different inside – I cherish every day I spend with my family, I still love all the same things that I always have, I wake up every morning keen to “get on” with laughing and crying about my life; thinking about and doing everything and anything that comes to mind.  I love to look for challenges.

As the old saying goes – life starts at 60 – well watch out world, here I come!!